In the current version of iDatabase, there is no feature that allows you to import data into an existing database. When you import data from an external file (for example, CSV), iDatabase creates a new database to which you will assign a name. You can not even merge two databases or import data from a database to another database. These features will be considered for future versions of the application.

A workaround to merge the data of a text file that you have on the Finder with an existing database that you have in iDatabase may be the following (this workaround only applies to databases that contain only text, no images):

  1. Make sure the file and the database have exactly the same fields (and the same order of fields).
  2. Export an existing database as CSV (using the Share button -> Export Database as CSV).
  3. With an application that handles texts, merge the text of this file with the other CSV file.
  4. Import the CSV file into iDatabase (using the Import menu item, on the File menu), you will create a new database with all the data.

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