Where can I download a previous discontinued version of your apps?

You can download previous versions of our apps from here:

  1. Clean Text (Various versions)
  2. Compress Files 5 (Version 5.0)
  3. Encrypt Email 2 (Version 2.0)
  4. Hide Folders 5 (Version 5.0)
  5. iDatabase  (Various versions)
  6. Notepad (Various versions)
  7. Protect Files 1 (Version 1.0)
  8. Protect Files 2 (Version 2.1.2)
  9. Secret Folder (Various versions)
  10. Speedy 4 (Version 4.0.5)
  11. Slideshow 9 (Version 9.6)
  12. Slideshow 9 (Version 9.7.2)
  13. Strip HTML 2 (Version 2.2)
  14. Timer (Various versions)

I don’t see the links to download the dictionaries for Mac

Here they are:

  1. English-Italian Dictionary for Mac
  2. English-German Dictionary for Mac
  3. English-Spanish Dictionary for Mac
  4. Japanese-English Dictionary for Mac

I’m having a problem downloading your software

Most downloading problems are going to simply be due to Internet traffic coupled with the speed of the Internet connection and the size of the file that is being downloaded. Here are some tips:

  • If you get a page of garbled text instead of a download, please go back and hold down the Option key while clicking on the link.
  • Try using another browser to download the file. Simply copy and paste the entire URL into the other browser and see if that works.
  • Try shutting down your Firewall program (Especially when getting a “Passive Mode” error).

Where can I download the latest versions of your apps?

You can download all current versions of our apps from our site or from the iTunes App Store, visit this page for the links.