There are three versions of Timer:

1. Timer Free (available as free download from our site)

Timer Free has the following programmable actions:

  • Play alarms with your favorite sound
  • Display messages defined by you
  • Speak messages
  • Announce the time

2. Timer (Standard) (available as a paid download from Mac App Store)

Timer has the same programmable actions and features as Timer Free, plus some more:

  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Iconized Windows
  • Open an Unlimited number of Windows
  • Play iTunes Songs
  • Play iTunes Playlists
  • Stop iTunes
  • Launch Applications
  • Quit Applications
  • Open Documents
  • Open Web Addresses

3. Timer Pro (available as purchase on our store)

Timer Pro is the most complete version of the Timer family, it has the same programmable actions and features as Timer, plus some advanced programmable actions:

  • Sleep Computer
  • Log Out User
  • Restart Computer
  • Shut Down Computer
  • Run AppleScript Files
  • Send an Emails

If you did not know the difference between Timer and Timer Pro when you bought the app and now you need a feature of the Pro version, please contact us so we can find together a solution.