If you are not satisfied by one of our products, you can choose to have a refund or we can handle for you a product exchange, that is, the product you purchased for another Apimac's app.

  • Refunds are available within 30 days of product purchase.
  • Product exchanges are available within 90 days of product purchase.

How To Request a Product exchange

The product exchange is available for all our Mac apps, just let us know which app you prefer and we will send you your new license. No matter where you bought the app.

How To Request a Refund if you purchased from Apimac Store at Fastspring
If you purchased our app through, you can ask for a refund directly to us by providing us the Order number you can find in the email FastSpring sent to you. When we have the Order number we can start immediately the refund process.

How To Request a Refund if you purchased from App Store

If you purchased our app through App Store, you can get information on App Store refund policy by Contacting Apple Support

How To Request a Refund if you purchased from a Mac Bundle Site

If you purchased our app through an online Mac bundle or a Mac software deal site, please contact their support to learn about their refund policy.

Related Note

When you purchase an app from Apimac, you just purchase the license for use it, there aren't any services included, also the purchase don't include any subscription. So, if you no longer need an app, you can simply stop using the app with no other action required on your part.

If you need more info, please don't hesitate to contact us.