Send encrypted emails and attachments with Encrypt Email is very easy, follow these steps.

Download the app
  1. Download Encrypt Email from our website, it's an application dedicated to this task.
  2. Open the app and add the contact to whom you want to send the email using the small button "+".

Compose the first encrypted email
  1. Double-click the contact's name and it will open the window for the message as on any e-mail app.
  2. In addition to the usual window buttons, you'll find options to encrypt the message text and the attachments (if any).

Send the email
  1. Now you can choose to click the Send With Mail button (the easiest method) please skip to step 3, or the Send button, then read in step 2.
  2. If you chose Send instead of Send With Mail the app will ask you to enter the details of your email account. You can configure it with your preferred email account, but please note that Gmail don't let you send encrypted Zip Files (more info here). If you use iCloud, please follow this guide: How to configure Encrypt Email to work with an iCloud email account).
  3. Encrypt Email asks you the password you want to use for the encryption (this password has to be revealed to the recipient of the message, so it's better if you don't use your personal passwords).
  4. If you chose to send the message directly with Encrypt Email you're done. If you choose Send With Mail, you will get a new message containing attachments, simply click on Send.

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