The new version of iDatabase for Mac have a rich set of new features, one of them is the possibility to create groups and smart groups. This feature is available free of charge for all users.

The following images show the Smart Groups functionality.

1. This is the standard view of a database with three records. Each record corresponds to a computer, two of them are desktops and one of them is a laptop. We use the "Add group" button to create a new "Smart group".

2. Here we create a new Smart group called "Desktops" where the match criterion is "Type is Desktop":

3. The new smart group is created. Now you can see, in the record list, all the records (when the "All" label is selected), or just the two records which kind is "Desktop" (when the "Desktops" labels is selected). If you want to, you can easily add or modify criterions on the Smart Group by double-clicking on its label. To add new groups or smart groups, click on the "+" button, to delete a group, select it and press "-".